Silken Shampoo

      4 oz.     17.00

price includes processing fees

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Balancing Beauty

"Beauty" really comes from within :)

To be your most beautiful self, you must be in balance with nature, in balance with your environment, and the elements, as well as you must keep your many "mini-systems" in balance - and that is where Balancing Beauty comes in!

Every Balancing Beauty product is carefully and thoroughly researched, blended, and tested.

I start with all natural ingredients and a whole lot of time and energy.

Once I have created a product that I will happily use myself, I request assistance from my volunteer Testers (established customers). And if they all agree that it's a winner then it becomes a part of the product line!

      Read all about the Balancing Beauty products ~

                                              Silken Shampoo HERE

                                        Sweetish Scrub  HERE

Sweetish Scrub

     8 oz.     14.00

price includes processing fees

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