Walking in Circles

                                by Shiro Shine

A brand new book by a first-time author with a completely unique approach

This book is being printed and bound thanks to the giving hearts of friends and strangers -

You can donate to the effort -


I have taken the donations and printed, bound, and cut some copies. These steps ended up costing twice as much because the book had to be bound as 2 books due to the equipment available.

I am extremely grateful to all who have helped with this book's completion  :^)

As promised, the first 5 people who donated to this project will be receiving their free copies shortly. That will leave just a few copies (and even fewer once the already placed orders are filled) so if you would like a copy you need to contact me right away!

This book of spirituality will be read by many and understood in as many different ways - as each will understand the concepts from their own unique perspective and through their own unique experiences. 

Growth is the only constant  :^)

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